General Dentistry Services
Children’s Care

Your children’s oral health is vitally important to both the future of their teeth and their overall health.


Children are, in fact, born free of dental disease. Wouldn’t it be lovely to keep their mouths as healthy and fresh as the day they were born? Start early. Kids can begin their dental care as early as one year of age. We offer the latest advancements and the most protective sealants so your children can grow and smile healthy, strong smiles for the rest of their lives.


We offer:

  • Fluride treatments to make teeth more resistant to dangerous bacteria. 
  • Regular cleanings to help gums and teeth from injury.
  • Sports mouth guards to protect precious teeth from injury.
  • Orthodontics to create a beautiful, even smile.
  • Sealant to protect teeth from decay and help prevent cavities.


Sealants have become a standard in pediatric dental care. Many children have deep grooves and fissures in their molars. These grooves collect plaque and keep it there. And since the bacteria found in dental plaque causes tooth decay, the longer plaque remains on a tooth's surface the more likely it will be able to form a cavity. By bonding sealants of plastic resin into the grooves, we make the surface of your tooth smoother and so much easier to clean. This is an especially important procedure for children who tend not to brush well enough or have history of dental cavities.