The dental exam is the first and most important step of your dental visit and is focused on your needs and concerns. This step allows us to get to know you, establish adequate diagnosis and create your customized treatment plan. 

We are specially trained to look further than surface symptoms and get to the cause of even the most baffling problems. We also use intra-oral cameras so you can look at what is happening in your mouth while we do! Children and adults alike find this fascinating and informative.

We screen annually for oral cancer. Why is this so important? Oral cancer strikes millions each year. Because of this, we carefully examine your neck and under your tongue palpating for lumps or other abnormal signs. You may have a very small, but dangerous oral spot or sore and not be aware of it. Our team is trained to pay special attention to any suspicious lesion and ensure the proper treatment and follow up. 

Comprehensive Exam: We offer the full screening or comprehensive exam if you are a new patient to our clinic or if you have not been to the dentist for a long time. This exam lasts around 50 minutes and consists of:

  • A complete review of your concerns + medical and dental history;

  • A thorough screening of your teeth, gums, bones, soft tissues, TMJ and occlusion;

  • An oral cancer screening;

  • An examination of your X-rays (we only prescribe the minimum needed for a proper diagnosis);

  • The establishment of your customized treatment plan and personalized recommendations. 

You can consult the New Patient page of our website for more informations about your first visit and request your first appointment online!


Recall Exam: This is the regular dental check up, it takes around 5 to 10 minutes and is typically done with your hygiene appointments. We examine your overall oral health to detect any changes or potential issues before they occur and suggest preventive care or treatment if needed. 


First visit/Children: We offer a first visit meeting for young children who have never been to the dentist or anyone who feels anxious about their first appointment. During this visit, we let them explore the environment, the dental chair and instruments, review their dental habits and answer any questions the parents might have. We also perform a general screening to evaluate their dental health and provide informations and recommendations based on their need.


Specific or Emergency Exam: If you have a sudden toothache, broke a filling or have any urgent concern, we can see you for a limited exam. We will evaluate the specific tooth/area concerned, take local x-rays and establish a limited or temporary treatment plan. 


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