We have invested in technology so that your care is both comfortable and effective. Our equipment ensures early detection of problems so that we can reverse them before damage is extensive.



Intra-Oral Cameras

Intra-oral cameras are amazingly tiny cameras that fit comfortably in your mouth to take video of your teeth. These magnified images show your teeth in real time, allowing immediate and accurate diagnosis.


Computerized Exam Rooms

Every examination room is computerized for the ultimate in comfortable, customized care and absolutely accurate record keeping. Simply keeping a computer in every treatment room enables our team to have immediate access to all patient files containing your health history and treatment plan.


Digital X-Rays

Because we care about your overall health and well-being, we will be offering digital x-rays. Digital x-rays significantly decrease your exposure to radiation. In addition, the large, color enhanced computer image allows our doctors to get a better picture of your oral health than standard x-rays. This process is also better for the environment – it uses no photo chemicals or traditional film, eliminating potentially hazardous waste.


Velscope Non invasive Oral Cancer screening

The Velscope increases our odds to detect inflammed and dysplasic oral tissues, otherwise possibly not detectable with just a visual examination.



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